Senior Graphic Designer

Rose Lee is a sophomore from LA/Taipei double majoring in Art Practice and Economics. She took art courses in both London and at ArtCenter—now Berkeley as well—to expand her creativity and skills. Through making graphics for BRB, Rose aims to produce compelling and eye-catching visual experiences for our readers. Outside of BRB, she is also working at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism as a graphic design assistant. You can also catch her walking FAST shows, writing creatively, meal prepping (it’s definitely not overrated), working out, painting, or even catching up with Grey’s Anatomy.


Graphic Designer

Jenny is a freshman majoring in Architecture with a minor in Computer Science. As an aspiring UI/UX designer, she believes her background in architecture helps her see the relationship between creators and users, and she is keen to apply that to business related fields. She hopes to help promote BRB to the school community through good design, as well as hone her own skills. In her (limited) free time, Jenny figure skates and dances. Her favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes.


Graphic Designer

Jessie is a Bay Area native and a first year student at UC Berkeley majoring in English and Media Studies. She is passionate about visual design, art, and photography, and is also a designer for The B-Side, Berkeley’s premiere music magazine. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and writing weird poetry. She is very fond of science fiction, smooth ink pens, small sunglasses, and Starr, her 11-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix.


Graphic Designer

Sana Imran is a Sophomore at UC Berkeley intending a major in Business Administration with a minor in Bioengineering. She hopes to expand her knowledge in business through BRB, while also encouraging financial literacy on campus as well. She has a strong passion for graphic design and digital media, as well as in leadership and service. Outside of BRB, she is advocate for social justice and serves for equitable student development in the ASUC. When she isn’t studying, you can find Sana immersed in photography, going on hikes, travelling, or watching Netflix.


Graphic Designer

Yashi is a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley intending to major in MCB and Business Administration. She is an avid reader, a photographer in the lowest of keys, politically involved, and constantly curious about a variety of random topics. Her interest in subject matters ranging from the stock market to stem cell therapies, is what drove her to join BRB. She hopes to grow as a graphic designer as well as gain a better understanding of business. When she is not making graphics for BRB, you can find her reading random articles, binge watching Hasan Minhaj videos, or taking candid photos of her friends.


Graphic Designer

Ming is a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, intending a double major in Business Administration and Art Practice. As a multi-media artist, she does graphic design in BRB. She loves incorporating her interests in art in the field of business. Ming has explored a variety of possibilities in the past 19 years: she grew up studying art intensively, has taught children drawing and French, has written short stories, and has ran her own handmade product business. Ming is an advocate for her idea “art think”: a systematic thinking process through the angle of art, including seeing the big picture and using multiple perspectives breaking space and time. By constantly applying this thinking process, she increased the sale of her handmade products. Outside of art and business, Ming also enjoys listening to opera and learning foreign languages.

* Missing from the graphics team is Kaho Otake.


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