The term sustainable has been growing exponentially in the fashion industry as consumers become more conscious of how their clothes are made. Nowadays consumers don’t just want to have the trendiest styles, they also want to know that they’re not destroying the environment along the way. This article won’t focus on all of the environmental damage caused by the textile and fashion industry but will rather focus on what individual consumers can do to improve their own shopping habits from the bottom up. By being more conscientious of our habits when it comes to fashion, we can reshape the supply side of the fashion industry while also saving the environment on a personal level. Continue Reading

Buying clothes secondhand was once heavily stigmatized, as many thought used goods were only bought by those who couldn’t afford anything else. Most people were repulsed by the idea of wearing clothes that someone else had worn. But throughout the past century, this stigma has essentially disappeared, due greatly in part to the emergence of thrift shops. Something that thrift shops offer that other fashion sources don’t is the experience: the whole notion of bargain hunting can make you feel as if you’re Indiana Jones, searching for the Lost Ark. Continue Reading