Executive Team

Robert Liu
BBR (23 of 633)


Robert is a second-year student from Honolulu, Hawaii, studying at the Haas School of Business as part of the Global Management Program. Formerly a senior investing columnist, he explored emerging markets such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and trading cards in his articles. As president, Robert hopes to implement his vision of connecting Business Review at Berkeley with Berkeley-based startups and other members of the Berkeley business community. In addition to investing and journalism, Robert is extremely passionate about the intersection between business and law, and hopes to one day attend law school. In his free time, Robert enjoys thrift shopping, playing beach volleyball, eating sushi, and visiting new places.

Editor in Chief

Hailing from Metro Detroit, Dhruv is a sophomore in the Haas School of Business’s Global Management Program. He endeavors to graduate with simultaneous degrees in Business Administration and Political Science. He is a passionate public speaker who is interested in geopolitics and its intersection with business. After serving as Senior Columnist for two semesters, he is now excited to be BRB’s Editor-in-Chief. In his spare time, Dhruv enjoys trying new cuisines and building LEGOs. After graduation, as an advocate for social and economic justice, Dhruv plans on attending law school.

Director of Publishing

Katherine is a junior in the Global Management Program and intends to minor in History. She loves studying international relations and markets, which encouraged her to join BRB. Over her four semesters at BRB, she has been excited to learn new skills and take on new positions, most recently as the Co-Publishing Director. As a San Diego native, she loves nice, sunny days and can be caught reading outdoors or driving her card, Brad. Otherwise, you’ll find her binging the latest movies and shows.

IMG_5653 - Elizabeth Roboz
Screenshot 2021-10-08 190805
E2F5D3EB-4E5B-4D8C-A183-21C9516E3733 - Nina Tagliabue

Elizabeth Roboz

Director of External

Elizabeth Roboz is a junior from San Luis Obispo, CA double majoring in Rhetoric and Political Economy. This is her first semester in Business Review at Berkeley, and she is excited to join and assist in the pursuit of spreading financial literacy across campus and exploring the impacts that varying trends play on differing industries. Her professional interests include educational equity, technological compliance, and governance, and she likes to spend her free time reading Greek philosophy and watching basketball!

Connie Chen

Director of Marketing

Connie Chen is a junior from San Diego, CA, studying Business Administration through the Haas Global Management Program and minoring in Data Science. Her vye to share financial literacy and recent business news to Berkeley students and beyond inspired her to join BRB. She hopes to explore a diverse and collaborative community by contributing to the BRB’s marketing operations. Her other interests are painting, music, and thrifting.

Nina Tagliabue

Senior Graphic Designer

Nina is a junior from Westchester, New York studying Economics with a minor in Data Science. Through her four semesters in BRB, she has been able to find pursue her hobby of graphic design while taking part in intellectual discourse about the business topics BRB’s members explore. Nina intends to pursue a career in investment banking and enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and finding the best spots in Berkeley to post up and relax.

Screenshot 2021-10-08 190543
Ryo Weng

Max Hauser

Director of Internal

Hi my name is Max Hauser and I am super excited to work in Internal Affairs for BRB this semester. I am from Palos Verdes (SoCal), so naturally I love the outdoors. I’ve always been enthusiastic about business and writing so it’s nice to find a way to combine the two. My favorite book of all time is “Slaughterhouse-5”, and my favorite podcast is the Economist. Looking forward for the semester!

Prof. Panos Patatoukas

Haas Faculty Adviser

Prior to joining Berkeley-Haas, Professor Patatoukasreceived his PhD, MPhil, and MA from Yale University, his MSc (with highest distinction) from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and his BA in Accounting and Finance (valedictorian) from Athens University of Economics and Business. Patatoukas devotes his time to BRB because he believes in its broader mission of democratizing access to financial literacy to undergraduates, young adults, and non-financial professionals. Between advising PhD and MBA students in Accounting research, Patatoukas fine-tunes his mom’s classic, Greek recipes like Melitzanosalata, Avegolemono, and Tzatziki (the secret is draining the excess liquid from the cucumbers before adding the yogurt).

Director of Finance

Ryo is a second-year student at UC Berkeley intending to major in Economics and Data Science. Ryo is interested in the role advancing technology has on industries within financial markets. He is also passionate about increasing financial literacy among local communities. Outside of the Business Review at Berkeley, Ryo is an Equity Research Intern for JMP Securities, facilitator for an undergraduate course under the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, and Vice President of the Cal Men’s Lacrosse Team. When he is not in the classroom, Ryo can be found playing golf, traveling to foreign countries, or cooking for his friends and family.

Elias Benchekroun
BBR (149 of 633) - Erika Galindo

Kevin Liao

External Affairs Operations

Kevin is a sophomore studying business through the Global Management Program (surprise) and data science. He comes from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, and enjoys spending his free time outdoors and following sports. He’s interested in finance and all things technology, and is always open to new music recommendations and recipe suggestions!

Elias Benchekroun

External Affairs Operations

Elias is a first-year student from Montclair, New Jersey, studying at the Haas School of Business as part of the Global Management Program. Working on Professional Development with the External Team, he hopes to organize meaningful events to support the entire Berkeley community. He is an avid basketball player, and holds the record for highest high school FG% in U.S. history. He also loves boba.

Erika Galindo


Erika Galindo is a second year at UC Berkeley studying Economics and Data Science. On campus, Erika is highly involved in organizations focused on leadership, business, and serving marginalized communities. At the Business Review at Berkeley, Erika hopes to expand her knowledge on business topics and to share that information with a wider community.

Hoyle_JolieAna_Picture - Jolie Ana Hoyle

Jolie Ana Hoyle

Internal Affairs Operations

Jolie Ana is a sophomore intending to double major in Business Administration and Philosophy. Her interests include start-up culture and entrepreneurship, operations and technology management, and social and environmental policy. My interest in operations led me to join BRB and I hope to hone my interests in business strategy and internal organizations management. In my free time I enjoy hiking, baking cookies, dancing, and exploring new coffee shops in Berkeley!

Mathew Thomas

External Affairs Operations

Mathew is a first year student at UC Berkeley intending to study Computer Science or Physics. Working on Professional Development with the External Team, he hopes to organize meaningful events to support the BRB team and the entire Berkeley community. Mathew is interested in the fields of finance, startups, and everything groundbreaking in science and technology. He is from Sacramento, CA and a loyal Sacramento Kings fan.

Fin Kehrli


Fin is a first-year from Palos Verdes, CA intending to study business and economics. This is his first semester in BRB, and he is excited to facilitate partnerships between the organization and Berkeley-based startups while also planning club fundraisers. His professional interests include finance and private equity, and in his free time he enjoys spending time with friends, trying out new Bay Area restaurants, working out, and binge-watching TV shows.

Saanvi Thapliyal

Internal Affairs Operations

Saanvi is a first-year student from Hyderabad, India majoring in Computer Science and Economics. In her free time, she loves hiking, baking, thrifting and playing tennis. She also enjoys writing in her free time. Her interests include financial technology, business Law and international relations. As part of the Business Review, she hopes to further explore and expand her understanding of these subjects.

Abby Copeland
John Wang
aaron wu

Senior Investing Columnist

Abby is a freshman pursuing a degree in Chinese, Political Economy, and the SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology. Originally hailing from the Bay Area, Abby has also lived in Connecticut and currently resides in Indianapolis. She is particularly passionate about international trade, Sino-American relations, and antifragility. In her free time, she loves exploring Berkeley, discovering new artists on Spotify, and of course, following the stock market. She looks forward to another wonderful semester as part of BRB and starting her new role as Senior Investing Columnist.

Senior Investing Columnist

John is a sophomore from New York City studying economics and computer science. As an investing columnist, he hopes to explore unique ways to gamble money – especially aggressive ones that have high risk and high reward – using statistical models. John also enjoys teaching, working as both a math tutor for Residential Life and a Calculus TA. Outside of his work, John enjoys playing lacrosse, writing Yelp reviews, and watching Game of Thrones.

Investing Columnist

Aaron is a first year from Beijing, China pursuing Business Administration. His passions are finding and determining methods to invest money to sustain value and wealth for a large variety of the population. He hopes that his research within the investing column can find suitable methods for ordinary non-investors to begin growing their assets. He is a start-up entrepreneur who aspires to continue his passion in the US. Aside from investing, Aaron enjoys skateboarding and working out.

brb_aditi - Aditi Somayajula
Andrew Wong
Varun Mann

Investing Columnist

Aditi is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Her interests in investing, startups, and emerging markets inspired her to join BRB. As a columnist, she looks forward to writing articles about international economics and the investing landscape. Apart from business, Aditi is also passionate about technology and informatics and their ability to deepen our understanding of medicine and biology. In her free time, Aditi enjoys reading new books, hiking in the East Bay hills, and traveling.

Investing Columnist

Andrew Wong is a Second-Year student from UC Berkeley intending on majoring in CS and Data Science. As a columnist for Financial Literacy, he hopes to both inform the public about how to make the best decisions in finance and business and simultaneously learn the same topics along the ride. He hopes to explore topics such as cryptocurrency, personal budgets and financial decisions, and international trade. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys snowboarding, exploring urban cities, and constantly finding new music to add to his ever-expanding taste.

Investing Columnist

Varun is a senior from Boston, MA pursuing a degree in Business Administration and Conservation Resources. As a returning investment columnist, he hopes to explore new investment trends and inform people about exciting industries. He is passionate about exploring the intersection between developing markets and geopolitical happenings. Outside of class, you can find Varun sleeping on the glade, hiking the fire trails, and dancing on Sproul.

Carol Li
keona_headshot - Keona Lau

Investing Columnist

Carol is a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada intending to double major in Economics and either Business Administration or Legal Studies. She is looking to learn more about financial literacy topics and business journalism over the next few semesters at BRB, and explore her career possibilities in the business field. Her hobbies include doing gymnastics, travelling, and watching exciting TV shows.

Keona Lau

Investing Columnist

Keona is a first-year student at UC Berkeley studying Political Economy and Business Administration. She avidly competed in speech and debate and loves public speaking. She is passionate about business journalism and wants to explore topics about personal financial management, cryptocurrency, and geopolitical economics. Aside from business, Keona loves getting lost in a good book, listening to music, or finding new coffee shops where she can enjoy a mixture of both.

best - Zeebra doom
BBR (358 of 633) - Shreyansh Jindal

Senior Economics Columnist

Derrick is a freshman at UC Berkeley intending to major in Economics and Computer Science. Derrick has interests in public policy, empirical economic data analysis, and emerging technology/innovation. In his free time, Derrick reads up on international news, plays Overwatch, and explores a wide range of music.

Senior Economics Columnist

Shreyansh is a freshman from India intending to major in Business Administration and Global Studies. He is passionate about the role of Artificial Intelligence in the workforce and the intersection of economics and politics. He loves reading non-fiction, hiking, and playing table tennis.

Economics Columnist

Sukkriti is a sophomore studying Business Administration and Creative Writing at UC Berkeley. At BRB, she hopes to commingle her passion for writing and her amassed knowledge of Economics hitherto.

IMG-3106 - Rina Rossi
Emma E
Logan Carney

Economics Columnist

Rina Rossi is a second year studying Political Economy and Classics, with minors in Journalism, Public Health and Comparative Literature. Her personal research interests focus on developmental economics, particularly analyzing how menstrual inequity and contraceptive access disproportionately affects women in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. In her free time, she loves writing, cooking, listening to jazz music, dancing, watching films, and fashion design. She hopes to pursue her J.D. and PhD next year in Political Economy. Afterwards, she hopes to become an attorney and work in mergers and acquisitions.

Emma Eeckhout

Economics Columnist

Emma Eeckhout is a freshman from Barcelona, Spain, with an intended major in Economics and a minor in Data Science. She has recently joined BRB through the Economics Columnist department and hopes to provide a fresh and international perspective to her articles. Her academic interests range from international policy to gender equity in the labour market. In her free time, Emma can be found exploring Berkeley’s most recent restaurants or going on a hike.

Economics Columnist

Logan is a sophomore from Little Rock, Arkansas, and he intends to major in Business Administration or Economics. As a columnist, Logan looks forward to combining his passions for writing and economics with the goal of helping educate his broader community on current events. In his free time, Logan enjoys watching and playing soccer, basketball, and golf.

D21AB194-DEA9-42A7-B1CF-B74CA5D1A15C - Ria Bhandarkar
Sean O'Connell

Economics Columnist

Jay is a first-year student at UC Berkeley from Washington intending to major in Economics and minor in Political Economy. He joined BRB to explore business and economic topics of interest through his writing. As a columnist, Jay is looking forward to delving into the intersection of policy and economics along with the areas of global development and resource economics. Outside of BRB, he loves to read and enjoys playing and watching soccer, tennis, and basketball.

Economics Columnist

Ria (she series) is a sophomore double majoring in Economics and Data Science with a minor in French Language. Her economic interests include labor, development, and education. She hopes her work in BRB can encourage people to learn more about how business and economics intersect with their fields of choice. Outside of BRB, her interests include film, theater, hiking, and trying new foods.

Economics Columnist

Sean is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Economics with minors in History and French Language. He is interested in multilateral finance and development economics and is attending law school to practice international civil law. Sean served as an intern with the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Development Finance and with the Bay Area Council’s Economic Institute. He pursues independent research with a World Bank economist as well as with a professor of French history. Sean is an assistant editor for the Berkeley Economic Review and was the editor-in-chief of the Berkeley Business Review as well as being the External Vice President & Research Chair of Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Fraternity.


Economics Columnist

Hello everyone, I am a PolEcon and Data Science Double Major in the Economics Column. Hailing from Panama City, Panama (not Florida), I believe I can contribute a more global perspective to BRB. Within BRB, I hope to write about global macroeconomic issues like supply chain issues, monetary policy, and fiscal infrastructure! My hobbies include boxing, playing soccer, and writing about anything that interests, ranging from poetry to economics columns 😴. Fun fact is I wear crocs a lot.

Bio Photo
Mayuri Hebbar
Screen Shot 2021-10-06 at 12.56.21 PM - twoicepop

Senior Financial Literacy Columnist

Bradley is a freshman intending to major in Computer Science and Business Administration. With an avid passion for investments and decentralized finance, Bradley aims to explore the multifaceted relationships between technological innovations and financial markets through his writing. In his free time, he loves to play the guitar and try out new Japanese restaurants.

Financial Literacy Columnist

Mayuri is a freshman from Sunnyvale, CA and is intending to major in Computer Science and Economics. Mayuri is interested in exploring the intersection of finance and technology and analyzing the implications of financial advancements on everyday life. In her free time, she likes to sleep, listen to music, and read.

Financial Literacy Columnist

Suraj is a junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Economics with a minor in Data Science. He is excited to help BRB educate readers on different financial/economic topics relevant to their daily lives. Outside of BRB, he is involved in the Berkeley Investment Group and UC Berkeley Zahanat, a bollywood fusion dance team. In his free time, you can find him jamming out to K-Pop, watching the Pittsburgh Steeelers, or playing League of Legends/Teamfight Tactics.

Minh Phan
Danielle Sobkin
Liwen Sun

Financial Literacy Columnist

Minh is a freshman intending to major in Business Administration and Data Science and minoring in Education. Having a passion for finance, entrepreneurship, technology, and education, Minh constantly seeks to learn and share more about the connections between technological innovations and the financial industry through his writing. During his free time, he likes to play soccer, research and do works related to architecture and interior design, collect stamps, and find new Korean movies.

Financial Literacy Columnist

Danielle Sobkin is pursuing a double major in Data Science and Intended Business. She is an avid solo violinist who has performed across the country and internationally. She has successfully started two podcasts, and enjoys taking on leadership positions. She is fluent in Russian and strives to expand her global perspectives through meaningful conversations.

Financial Literacy Columnist

Liwen is a freshman from Fremont, CA, studying Economics and Statistics. She likes sharing recent business news and seeks to learn more about how it impacts people in our community. She also loves exploring the intersection of finance and education. During her free time, she likes to dance, draw, try new foods, and watch Youtube. 

107ABF0D-918C-424B-A4CE-D461DE192A0D - Amalia Nichols
headshot - Vidushee Mishra
EE333010-8128-4032-96B9-47B06744FAEB - Jessica Yu

Senior Community Columnist

Amalia is a sophomore from Houston, Texas studying at the Haas School of Business in the Global Management Program. As a community columnist, she looks forward to exploring the intersections that social justice and popular culture have with business. Amalia is also very interested in the impact of international culture and events on business. In her free time, Amalia enjoys playing basketball and obsessively reading.

Senior Community Columnist

Vidushee is a sophomore intending to double major in Business Administration and Data Science, with a minor in Public Policy. Her business interests include business ethics, sustainability, and the intersection of business with both the law and policy. In addition to writing for BRB, Vidushee enjoys working at NextGen Consulting at Berkeley, Capital Investments at Berkeley, the ASUC Legal Office. Outside of school, she loves to sing, shop, explore new places, and spend time with her friends.

Jessica Yu

Community Columnist

Jessica Yu is a sophomore from Shanghai who is intending to major in Economics and minor in Demography. She has special affections for statistical representations of people’s behaviors, and is interested in understanding the society through data. For BRB, she hopes to write about business in Chinese popular culture, including but not limited to: popular lifestyles, entertainment business, and online business. Outside of class, she enjoys classic rock, vintage fashion, and tours to museums and galleries.

David Cooke
Jacqueline Yipp
Image from iOS (2)

Community Columnist

David is sophomore hailing from Orange County California. He is majoring in Political Economy with a focus on Financial Economics. As a member of the community column, he hopes to explore a multitude of different writing topics. When he’s not writing for BRB you can find him tutoring, surfing, or playing pickup basketball.

Community Columnist

Jacqueline is a first-year student from Pasadena, California, studying media studies and business through Haas School of Business’s Global Management Program. As a Community Columnist, she is excited to explore different aspects of both Berkeley and the global community from a business perspective. When she’s not writing, she enjoys playing Mahjong, listening to True Crime podcasts, and baking in her free time.

Felicia Mo

Community Columnist

Felicia is a freshman planning to major in Economics and possibly Legal Studies. She is interested in the intersection between law and business and hopes to eventually attend law school. Felicia has started to research the stock market lately and is eager to learn more about it on her journey as a columnist. Outside of BRB, she is passionate about creative writing, map-making, and playing Valorant whenever she has time (her friend also recently introduced her to Super Auto Pets).

1FBFA6C4-D4CC-4FCB-8C4A-5B9B72C0B231 - Vaishali Bansal
Natraj Vairavan

Community Columnist

Vaishali is a freshman planning on majoring in Economics or Business with a minor in Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley. As a BRB columnist, she looks forward to exploring her interests in finance, entrepreneurship, and the complex relationship between business and community. She hopes to discover more about how businesses influence (and are influenced by) society. Outside of BRB, Vaishali likes to spend her time rewatching Marvel films, trying new restaurants, dancing to her favorite Bollywood songs, and playing tennis with her friends.

Natraj Vairavan

Community Columnist

Hello! My name is Natraj, I’m a current freshman and a columnist for the Community column. I like reporting on the local Bay Area economy and writing about small businesses.

Mauricio Chandler

Community Columnist

Mauricio is a first year student at Berkeley looking to major in Political Economy. Mauricio is particularly interested in the intersection between business and law. Growing up in the Houston area, Mauricio witnessed the remarkable impact that positive economic development had in the communities he was raised in. As a columnist, Mauricio aims to explore the world of business, and how financial trends directly affect the lives of people. Outside of BRB, Mauricio enjoys reading, shopping, and playing basketball.

Graphic Design Team

5E2864BB-629F-411E-A27D-03F7DC39CAE8 - Carol Lu
Walton Bullard
Caroline Yee

Carol Lu

Graphic Designer

Carol is a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada studying Political Economy. She is interested in law and business and enjoys drawing, tennis, listening to music, and playing games in her free time. She has been painting, drawing, and doing various design-related activities since she was young and joined the BRB graphics team to meet people interested in business while having a creative outlet. (please use photo from photoshoot)

Walton Bullard

Graphic Designer

Walton is a freshman working towards becoming a Business major at Haas meanwhile minoring in Mechanical Engineering. I’m from Boulder, CO so I love the trail running and skiing and am hoping to try skiing at Tahoe soon. My current goals are to open my own fine dining restaurant so getting to know the business industry better will hopefully allow for me to reach my goals. My favorite tv show is Avatar the Last Airbender and my favorite artist is Illenium. Looking forwards to this semester!

Caroline Yee

Graphic Designer

Caroline Yee is a first year from Syracuse, New York studying Art History and Data Science with a minor in Economics. She joined BRB as a way to have a creative outlet while still learning about the business world. She recently got an iPad and ProCreate and these were the best things that have ever happened to her. In her free time, she likes to go to new restaurants around Berkeley and journal on the glade.


Acasia Giannakouros

Graphic Designer

Hi! I am a freshman studying political science at UC Berkeley. I am from Manalapan, New Jersey where my artistic journey began. On campus, I am involved in the sorority Pi Beta Phi where I love to hang out with friends, meet new people, and go on trips! This is my second semester in BRB and I cannot wait to continue!

Senior Advisors

Joseph Ng
Will Ko
Darren Chow

Senior Advisor

Joseph is a senior pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration and Data Science. After writing as an Investing Columnist during the Business Review at Berkeley’s first year, Joseph served another year as Co-Editor-in-Chief before taking on his current role as Senior Advisor. Also a member of Presence Fellowship and UFA|UMCG, as well as cofounder of the UC Berkeley chapter of Scholars of Finance, Joseph is passionate about leadership, learning, and personal connection. In his free time, he enjoys crosswords, comedy sketches, and following professional football.

William Ko

Senior Advisor

Will is a senior majoring in Economics with a minor in data science. He was the 2019 – 2020 President and has been in BRB since his first semester at Cal and first joined as part of the community column. Besides BRB, Will is part of Berkeley Investment Group and works for the Berkeley Endowment Management Company (investing is an integral part of his life!). In his free time, Will can be found engaging in long zoom conversations and excessively spending money on boba.

Darren Chow

Senior Advisor

Darren is a senior majoring in Business with an English minor. Back in 2018, he was one of the founding members of BRB who aspired to create a business publication actively engaged in investigative journalism and critical thought. He previously served as Editor-in-Chief and Fin Lit Senior Columnist. BRB has been an integral part of his college career, one which defined his interests in business, entrepreneurship, and writing. Otherwise, Darren is the co-founder and CEO of Amni (amni.io), a fintech start-up operating in Berkeley SkyDeck.