Executive Team

Regina Wang
Julia Cheung
Mark Li


The two main qualities that attracted Regina to Business Review at Berkeley were its unique “brave space” culture and its members’ freedom to engage with any ideas that interest and challenge them. Her main objective as President is to grow our publication’s readership and engagement while keeping these core values intact. Outside of BRB, Regina is a junior at Cal majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Political Economy. Her interests include metascience, China-US relations, public economics, and teaching. On her downtime, you can find her making steamed buns and asking for podcast recommendations.


Julia (she series) is a senior from Hong Kong studying Economics, with a minor in Global Studies. Through infusing interdisciplinary thought into the idea generation process, she hopes to inspire the creation of innovative articles for BRB. Her interests include Asian history and politics, magical realism, public and development economics, jazz, and data visualisation. You will, more often than not, find her sipping at a cup of caffeine (coffee at 7am, tea whenever), and she is permanently down to play some poker or mahjong.

Director of Publishing

Mark is a Junior majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Global Management as part of the GMP 22′ class. To develop his experience working with international clients, Mark spent his first year of college in London, U.K. to study European finance and marketing. He got the chance to work with professors from Oxford University, University College London, and the London School of Economics. Mark is well versed in digital marketing strategies and runs his own eCommerce business. He strives to integrate academic knowledge with real-world applications.

Yashi Sam
Chelsea Cano

Yashi Samrendra

Director of Marketing

Yashi (she series) is a junior double majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology and Economics. As the marketing director, she hopes to help BRB grow into the thought leader for business and financial literacy at Cal and beyond. She also hopes to push for more diversity and believes that financial literacy is important for all majors, all people. Outside of BRB, Yashi’s interests include writing and art. You can often find her tackling South Asian stereotypes as a staff writer for HerCampus or uploading her poetry to her Instagram account.

Shreyas Hariharan

Co-director of Internal Affairs

Shreyas is a junior studying Data Science and Economics. What Shreyas connects with most in BRB is the atmosphere of open ideas and curious discussion, and he is motivated to grow BRB’s community aspect. He is interested in exploring music, discussing how entertainment culture affects different industries, and financial literacy.

Chelsea Cano

Co-director of Internal Affairs

Chelsea is a third year pursuing a simultaneous degree in Business Administration with a Global Management Concentration and Global Studies. As Co-Internal Director, Chelsea is looking forward to further growing our BRB community in our current online environment. Her interests include marketing, brand management, entertainment business, and global development. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, playing Valorant, and reading about obscure historical facts. Ask me about Caroline of Ansbach!

Edward Bian

Rose Lee

Senior Graphic Designer

Rose is a junior double majoring in Philosophy and Art Practice from Taipei/LA. She is dedicated to lead and work alongside the BRB Creative Team to innovative, compelling, and aesthetic graphic designs. Her interests include screenprinting, painting, weightlifting, exploring foreign cities, and making way too many Spotify playlists, and watching bad movies or reading a good book.

Prof. Panos Patatoukas

Haas Faculty Adviser

Prior to joining Berkeley-Haas, Professor Patatoukasreceived his PhD, MPhil, and MA from Yale University, his MSc (with highest distinction) from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and his BA in Accounting and Finance (valedictorian) from Athens University of Economics and Business. Patatoukas devotes his time to BRB because he believes in its broader mission of democratizing access to financial literacy to undergraduates, young adults, and non-financial professionals. Between advising PhD and MBA students in Accounting research, Patatoukas fine-tunes his mom’s classic, Greek recipes like Melitzanosalata, Avegolemono, and Tzatziki (the secret is draining the excess liquid from the cucumbers before adding the yogurt).

Edward Bian

Director of Finance

Edward is a sophomore studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research with a minor in public health and a planned second major/minor in Data Science. He wrote for the Financial Literacy column for two semesters before becoming Finance Director and loves the explorative nature and collaborative atmosphere of Business at Berkeley. His interests include geopolitics, history and investment. In his down time, Edward can be found taking naps, sampling local restaurants or playing chess (poorly).

Sanya Sethi

Sanya Sethi

Director of External Affairs

Sanya is a junior majoring in Economics and Business Administration. As external director, Sanya is looking forward to supporting BRB’s motto of being thought leaders of financial literacy and business by organizing engaging and informative events even in this remote semester. Outside of BRB you’ll probably find Sanya baking, dancing, or binging mystery tv shows.


Kevin Liao

External Affairs Operations

Kevin is a freshman in the Global Management Program and intending to double major in data science. His business interests include finance, technology, and operations. In addition to business, some of his academic interests include public policy and inequality. Outside of academics, Kevin enjoys playing tennis and spending time outdoors. He’s never been to Berkeley but hopes to go in the spring.

Annie Pang

Annie Operations

Annie is an incoming junior majoring in Data Science and Cognitive Science. Her favorite part of data science is being able to tell a story with our findings, being able to inform people to take real-world actions based on factual data. Cognitive Science gives Annie a new perspective on how to utilize neuroscience and biology in data analysis.

Dhruv Muralidhar

Financial Operations

Dhruv Muralidhar is a freshman at the Haas School of Business majoring in Business Administration through the Global Management Program. He is a passionate public speaker who is interested in geopolitics and its intersection with business. Hoping to put his business skills to good use, he is a member of BRB’s Financial Operations. His belief in the power of small businesses and community-minded approaches to improve social mobility inspired him to write for BRB’s Community column as well. In his spare time, Dhruv enjoys trying new cuisines and building LEGOs.


Shaoji Chen

External Affairs Operations

Shaoji is a junior transfer student majoring in Economics. He transferred from Pasadena City College in Southern California. In the free time, Shaoji likes to play basketball with friends and play the guitar. His academic interests include economic relationship between U.S. and China and stock market. Shaoji is also very interested in start-up business, feel free to DM me for any kinds of discussion about start-up business. This is his first semester in BRB, and he is super excited to connect and work with all members in BRB!

Rayann Yao

Marketing Operations

Rayann is a freshman intending to double major in Molecular and Cell Biology and Business Administration through the Biology+Business program. Her interests include biotechnology, start-up culture, and corporate social responsibility and sustainability. As a part of the Marketing team, she hopes to expand BRB’s influence on campus as the leader for business and financial thought. You can find Rayann working as a consultant for Bio-Business Initiative, hiking by her home near Lake Michigan, and excessivly baking lemon bars.

Varun Mann

Senior Investing Columnist

Sean is a sophomore at UC Berkeley intending to double major in Business Administration and Data Science. He is passionate about early-stage growth companies and the Israeli business ecosystem. Beyond being the Senior Investing Columnist for BRB, Sean serves as the Vice President of Fund for TAMID @ Berkeley, where he teaches curriculum on financial literacy. When he is not playing IM basketball or hiking up the Berkeley Fire Trails, Sean loves to engage in online stock market games, compete in Fantasy Sports leagues, and create music.

Senior Investing Columnist

Varun is a junior in the Global Management Program at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Business and Statistics with a minor in Conservation Resources. His interests in emerging markets and the changing investment landscape led to join BRB’s investment column, which he hopes will continue to become a thought leader by publishing unique articles. Outside of class, you can find Varun sleeping on the glade, dancing with AFX on Sproul, or hiking by the BIG C.

Investing Columnist

Chris is a junior studying Economics with a minor in Logic. He has been in BRB since his freshman year and has written for the investing column since the beginning. Outside of school, he currently works at a long/short hedge fund and has experience working at an asset management firm. He spends his free time reading, cooking, and playing video games. When the school re-opens, he looks forward to freely roaming between his favorite libraries of his choice and lounging at the numerous cafes on campus.


Investing Columnist

Joyce is a sophomore double majoring in economics and political science at UC Berkeley. Her interests in start-ups and emerging technology companies led to join BRB’s investing column. Outside of BRB, Joyce’s interests include painting, jogging, playing the violin, watching movies and reading books. Joyce also enjoys exploring different restaurants. She loves sushi and hotpot the most.

Investing Columnist

Leo is a freshman intending to major in economics. As an investing columnist, he is particularly eager to investigate the intersection between political institutions, technological growth, and macroeconomic trends. Leo is also currently a research assistant in the Department of Economics and a pro bono consultant at The Berkeley Group. In his limited free time, Leo can be found supporting Raptors basketball, indulging in hours of Civilization gameplay, and binge watching Scorsese-directed films.

Katherine Stevenson
Shashank Dalmia

Senior Economics Columnist

Katherine is a sophomore in the Global Management Program and intends to minor in History. Her interests in international business and markets inspired her to join BRB’s economics column to explore more about economics around the world. Beyond international relations, she also enjoys understanding how the political landscape affects markets and is excited to pursue these passions in BRB. As a San Diego native, she loves nice, sunny days and can be caught reading in the park; otherwise, you’ll find her binging some movies or shows.

Senior Economics Columnist

Shashank is a senior triple majoring in Economics, Statistics, and Data Science. As the economics senior columnist, Shashank hopes to inform about how the subject relates to the everyday person. He recently interned for Charles River Associates doing economic research and data analysis for antitrust and competition cases. Outside of campus, Shashank loves watching soccer, playing any sort of racquet sports and binge watching tv shows.                                  

Economics Columnist

Daniel Hyunwoo Lee is a sophomore at Cal intending to pursue a B.S. in Business Administration and a Minor in Education. Having lived in five different countries—Canada, England, South Korea, the United States, and Taiwan—Daniel has developed a passion for international business that he plans to explore in his writing at BRB. BRB aside, he likes making music beats, listening to podcasts, and most importantly, playing soccer. You can become Daniel’s best friend by inviting him to play soccer or buying him a cranberry scone at Caffè Strada.

Sean O'Connell

Economics Columnist

Ria is a freshman from Boston, MA who is intending to major in economics. She is passionate about educational economics and public policy. In her free time, she likes reading, hiking and listening to podcasts. Ria has never been to Berkeley but hopefully that will change in the near future.

Economics Columnist

Sean O’Connell is a third-year student at UC Berkeley studying Economics and History with a minor in French Language. Sean is interested in multilateral financing and international economics with an auxiliary interest in the political history of early Modern Europe. He pursues independent research work with both a World Bank economist and a French history expert through UC Berkeley’s economics and history departments. Sean is also the former External Vice President of a foreign service professional fraternity and is an editor for the Berkeley Economic Review.

Economics Columnist

Sukkriti is a freshman at UC Berkeley, intending to major in Business Administration and Legal Studies. With her writing, she strives to create enduring impact on timeless themes that trouble her immediate and extended communities: rampant Teenage Smoking; the fragmentation of cultural values; and, most recently, India’s deep-rooted caste system. She is also in the process of developing her Ed-Tech startup, Books & Notes. At BRB, she hopes to commingle her passion for writing and her amassed knowledge of Economics hitherto.

Economics Columnist

Aydin is a freshman at UC Berkeley intending to major in Economics and minor in Data Science. He is interested in international economics and public policy and exploring the performance of different developing economies. He is excited to explore and develop his knowledge of these fields through his writing. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching soccer and touring the variety of kebab shops around the world.

Forrest Kim
Alara Guler

Senior Financial Literacy Columnist

Forrest is a third-year studying Economics here at UC Berkeley. He’s wrote for the Financial Literacy Column for four semesters, and he is excited to lead the column this semester as a senior columnist, determined to write articles which will save you money. In his free time, he enjoys taking walks (and hiking), eating Mexican food, and reading a variety of books. He especially likes walking through the UC Berkeley campus, eating enchiladas de mole, and reading works by his favorite author Kazuo Ishiguro.

Senior Financial Literacy Columnist

Alara is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration. She is very passionate about financial literacy and joined BRB to discover more about this topic. She is also interested in brand management and marketing. This year, Alara is one of the senior columnists of the Financial Literacy column. She is an international student from Istanbul, Turkey and loves Turkish food. Alara also loves coffee, so when she doesn’t have a class you can probably find her in a coffee shop around campus with an iced americano!

Fiona Nguyen

Financial Literacy Columnist​

Fiona will be a junior in Spring 2020 at the University of California, Berkeley intending to pursue a degree in Business Administration or Psychology. She is extremely passionate about working behind brands and products that help improve the lives of others. She sees the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce as an opportunity for people to achieve financial freedom through establishing online businesses. She believes that people are well-rounded and do not have to solely identify with one chosen career path. Fiona thrives in a creative environment and loves to brainstorm new ideas. In her free time, you can find her meditating on the grass or cooking up something in the kitchen!                                                                       


Financial Literacy Columnist

Andrew is a freshman intending to major in Business Administration and Data Science. His interests include international relations, start-ups, and wealth management. In his free time, Andrew enjoys watching the Boston Celtics, reselling sneakers, and playing fantasy football. He loves playing beach volleyball and spikeball, and knows all the great beaches SoCal offers.

Financial Literacy Columnist

Suraj is a sophomore at UC Berkeley intending to major in Business Administration and minor in Data Science. He is excited to help BRB educate readers on different financial/economic topics relevant to their daily lives. Outside of BRB, he is involved in the Berkeley Investment Group and UC Berkeley Zahanat, a bollywood fusion dance team. In his free time, you can find him jamming out to Jay Park or Twice (or just K-Pop in general), watching the Pittsburgh Steelers, or playing League of Legends/Teamfight Tactics with his friends.

Andrew Zhang

Financial Literacy Columnist​

Andrew is passionate about FinTech. His interests in quantitative analysis, artificial intelligence, and blockchain inspire him to ponder how these technologies can be applied creatively to finance and perhaps business in general. On his best days, Andrew researches and writes about novel developments on Wall Street. However, he can sometimes be found locked away in his room binge-watching the latest season of Money Heist or figuring out which stocks to buy and sell. Andrew also enjoys myriad outdoor activities like scuba diving, hunting, and photography.

brian au

Senior Community Columnist

Brian is a junior studying Business Administration and Global Studies at UC Berkeley. He is interested in socially responsible investing and how institutional decisions impact the community they serve in, which is why he joined BRB’s community column and stayed there since. He hopes to continue writing about little known topics and breaking them down into easy-to-read articles. Outside of class, you can find Brian watching Broadway musicals, binging on Netflix, or taking part in half-marathons.

Senior Community Columnist

Brian is a sophomore intending to major in Business Administration and Economics. He is passionate about how businesses are able to impact communities of people, which led to him joining Business Review at Berkeley as a Senior Columnist. As a Southern California native, he enjoys finding the best sushi restaurants, watching movies of all genres and, of course, cheering on the Lakers in his free time.

Wayne Chien

Community Columnist

Wayne is a junior double majoring in Philosophy and History. His buisness interests include international economics, local development, and buisness ethics. Besides BRB, Wayne works at a consultant at The Berkeley Group and is a staff writer for the UC Berkeley human rights journal. His favorite energy drink is Monster Energy Zero Ultra, which has helped him through numerous midterms and deadlines.


Emily Tang

Community Columnist

Emily is currently a sophomore intending to major in Economics and Business Administration. Her field interests include analyzing current trends within the market amongst local businesses and consumer purchasing patterns. She is also facsinated by the tech start-up industry that seems to dominate the Bay Area. In her free time, Emily enjoys portrait photography and trying new restaurants near campus.

Maia Lu

Community Columnist

Maia is a freshman from Singapore intending to major in Economics or Business Administration. She is interested in understanding the direct impact of businesses on the communities around them, and hopes to shed light on these stories as a Community columnist. Outside of BRB, Maia is a media consultant at ImagiCal, where she explores the intersection of creativity and business. Maia also loves music, and she eagerly awaits the day in the ideal post-COVID world where concerts return.

Jocelyn Gao

Community Columnist

Jocelyn Gao is a freshman studying Business Administration through the Global Management Program and intending to major in Political Economy. She is interested in the intersection between international relations, public policy, and business, and she is passionate about understanding social inequities within her communities. Along with this, she loves finding new restaurants/cafes, sleeping, and listening to music.


Dhruv Muralidhar

Community Columnist

Dhruv Muralidhar is a freshman at the Haas School of Business majoring in Business Administration through the Global Management Program. He is a passionate public speaker who is interested in geopolitics and its intersection with business. His belief in the power of small businesses and community-minded approaches to improve social mobility inspired him to write for BRB’s Community column. Hoping to put his business skills to good use, he is also a member of BRB’s Financial Operations. In his spare time, Dhruv enjoys trying new cuisines and building LEGOs.

Graphic Design Team

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Bella Aharonian

Graphic Designer

Bella is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science. She is very interested in a career in finance which led her to join BRB. She really enjoys graphic design as well. Some of her hobbies include thrifting, snowboarding, and painting. Bella loves sushi, crunch wrap supremes, and pasta.

Ming Dong

Graphic Designer

Ming is a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley, intending a double major in Business Administration and Art Practice. As a multi-media artist, she does graphic design in BRB. She loves incorporating her interests in art in the field of business. Ming has explored a variety of possibilities in the past 19 years: she grew up studying art intensively, has taught children drawing and French, has written short stories, and has ran her own handmade product business. Ming is an advocate for her idea “art think”: a systematic thinking process through the angle of art, including seeing the big picture and using multiple perspectives breaking space and time. By constantly applying this thinking process, she increased the sale of her handmade products. Outside of art and business, Ming also enjoys listening to opera and learning foreign languages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Nina Tagliabue

Graphic Designer

Nina is a sophomore from New York intending to major in Business Administration and minor in Data Science. She is very interested in finance and has started an international finance organization called Focus Finance with students from around the world. She likes artistic digital mediums as a hobby and loves creating for BRB. She also enjoys playing tennis.

Senior Advisors

Joseph Ng
Will Ko
Darren Chow

Joseph Ng

Senior Advisor

Joseph is a junior pursuing a dual degree in Business Administration and Data Science. After writing as an Investing Columnist during the Business Review at Berkeley’s first year, Joseph served another year as Co-Editor-in-Chief before taking on his current role as Senior Advisor. Also a member of Presence Fellowship and UFA|UMCG, as well as cofounder of the UC Berkeley chapter of Scholars of Finance, Joseph is passionate about leadership, learning, and personal connection. In his free time, he enjoys crosswords, comedy sketches, and following professional football.

William Ko

Senior Advisor

Will is a junior majoring in Economics with a minor in data sciece. He was the 2019 – 2020 President and has been in BRB since his first semester at Cal and first joined as part of the community column. Besides BRB, Will is part of Berkeley Investment Group and works for the Berkeley Endowment Management Company (investing is an integral part of his life!). In his free time, Will can be found engaging in long zoom conversations and excessively spending money on boba.

Darren Chow

Senior Advisor

Darren is a senior majoring in Business with an English minor. Back in 2018, he was one of the founding members of BRB who aspired to create a business publication actively engaged in investigative journalism and critical thought. He previously served as Editor-in-Chief and Fin Lit Senior Columnist. BRB has been an integral part of his college career, one which defined his interests in business, entrepreneurship, and writing. Otherwise, Darren is the co-founder and CEO of Amni (amni.io), a fintech start-up operating in Berkeley SkyDeck.


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