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Paula Bernholz

Paula is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy. She is excited to continue in the marketing department in her third semester in BRB. She is passionate about the intersection of business and environmental sustainability. Outside of BRB, she loves to ski, run, travel, go to the beach, and hang out with friends.

41D4C511-79BF-448D-AA87-C69F38D95536 - Michelle Tombu

Michelle Tombu

Michelle is a sophomore from Los Angeles currently pursuing a double major in Political Economy and Russian Language & Literature. Her professional interests include finance, sports business, marketing, and management. She is looking forward to creating meaningful content for BRB while promoting and engaging with its wonderful community. In her free time, Michelle loves to go to the beach, watch hockey, play volleyball, paint, and spend time with friends.

B3E53EF0-F10A-4865-A85D-9D67724D76E5 - Kwan Meesomboon

Kwan Meesomboon

Kwan is a sophomore from Bangkok, Thailand studying Economics with a minor in Mathematics. Her interests include entrepreneurship, marketing, and operations management. In her second semester in BRB, she hopes to learn new skills, deepen her knowledge about business and economics, and share recent news to Berkeley students and beyond. Outside of academics, Kwan enjoys golfing, watching soccer, trying new cuisines, and baking.

86A5CC27-E7A0-4F03-97A4-72CC4E1034B3 - Tin Than

Tin Ni Lar Than

Tin is a freshman from Myanmar intending to major in Business Administration. As part of the marketing team, she is eager to promote the impact of BRB by working collaboratively with other organizations. Tin’s professional interests lie in entrepreneurship, non-profit management, and environmental sustainability, but in her free time, she enjoys reading Gothic fiction and watching mukbang videos.


Khoi Tran

Khoi is a sophomore from Orange County, California studying Economics and Political Science with an emphasis on international relations. Khoi is passionate about NGOs and exploring the business expansion of corporate social responsibility in the modern market within fields such as sustainability, healthcare, and cohesive global trade markets. Within BRB, Khoi would love to expand his research, marketing, and management skills. In his free time, he loves to binge watch anime and go to concerts.


BRB (28 of 362) - Finlay Kehrli

Fin Kehrli

Hailing originally from the New York City Metro Area, Fin is a sophomore from Southern California intending to study Business Administration, Data Science, and Spanish. His professional interests include private equity, wealth management, and real estate. In his free time, he enjoys working out, spending time with friends, and exploring new Bay Area restaurants.

BRB (259 of 362) - Shlok Singh

Shlok Singh

Shlok Singh is a freshman from Singapore intending to major in Economics and Data Science. His interests lie at the intersection of business, innovation, and technology. As part of BRB, Shlok intends to grow accessibility to thought in business and finance. Being a part of the finance team, Shlok hopes to augment BRB’s access to financial resources and enhance the organization’s connection with the wider community. During his free time, Shlok likes to play basketball, cook for friends, or binge watch shows and jam to pretty much any music genre.

6C3C8181-34E3-4D4F-B7C0-49901C1646AA - Chase Martino

Chase Martino

Chase is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California intending to major in Economics while minoring in Philosophy, and this is his first semester in BRB. As part of his academic studies, Chase aims to integrate economic concepts and ethics with the far more expansive worldviews and notions of reality gained from philosophical studies. His favorite philosophical writing is Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Chase’s professional interests include commercial real estate, behavioral economics, and developing his own financial literacy. Outside of his work, Chase’s hobbies include surfing and tennis, playing FIFA with friends, and playing with his three loving dogs at home.

3A7519BF-64E1-4E6A-981F-42B54D5BFF98 - Tristan Wardwell

Tristan Wardwell

Tristan is a sophomore from Newport Beach intending to major in Business Administration. This is his first semester in BRB and he is looking forward to meeting all of its members through his work with the finance team.


Mia Terzic



Cal Card Picture - Shambhavi Thakur

Shami Thakur

Shami is a sophomore on the external team studying Economics and Data Science. In her free time, she loves to hike and cook. She has a diverse range of passions which include history, NASA, stand up comedy, and even art.

21C47B2C-9E29-4E0D-B432-EFE982D30112 - Leah Winter

Leah Winter

Leah is a sophomore from Los Angeles, California studying economics with a minor in Slavic Literatures and Languages. She loves to travel and try new cuisines and is looking forward to her semester abroad next year in London. Leah was born in Munich, Germany but has lived in Los Angeles for the majority of her life where she loves to go hiking and enjoy time outdoors. During her free time in Berkeley, she loves going to bikram yoga classes and exploring the fire trails as well as the libraries on campus.


Mathew Thomas



Headshot - Alisha Mahajan

Alisha Mahajan

Alisha is a sophomore intending to double major in Business Administration and Environmental Economics and Policy with a minor in Public Policy. This is her first semester in BRB, and she is excited to join and assist in the development of its members through her work in internal affairs. Her interests include educational equity, operations, campaign management, and social and environmental policy. Alisha’s interest in operations led her to join BRB, and she hopes to apply her interests to business and internal organization management. She is from Maryland, and will argue that it boasts the best state flag.

BRB (19 of 362) - Michael Szydlik

Michael Szydlik

Michael is a freshman from Manhattan Beach, CA studying Media Studies. He currently serves on BRB’s Internal team and has been a member of BRB since his first semester. His professional goals lie in the sports and entertainment industries, with a passion for business and marketing. In his free time Michael enjoys watching football, playing basketball, and going to the beach.

333B39A4-E29B-4126-BCFE-7A10BC884927 - Acasia Giannakouros

Acasia Giannakouros

Acasia is a sophomore from New Jersey studying Political Science. Her artistic journey began in her hometown of Manalapan and has since stretched all the way to Berkeley. Outside of BRB, Acasia is involved in the sorority Pi Beta Phi, where she loves to hang out with friends, meet new people, and go on trips. This is her fourth semester in BRB and she cannot wait to continue her work!

Graphic Design

C9170375-4789-4FAE-81C6-8D6A9E4D8744 - Walton Bullard

Walton Bullard

Walton is a sophomore from Boulder, Colorado intending to study Business Administration and minor in Mechanical Engineering. This is his second semester in BRB, and as a member of the graphic design team, he enjoys bringing to life writers’ unique visions for their articles’ graphics.

C861F371-FEEA-445C-830A-839385989342 - Ria Raniwala

Ria Raniwala

Ria is a freshman from Wilton, Connecticut studying English and Journalism. She joined the BRB graphics team to get involved with a campus publication in a fun, creative way. She loves music, playing the guitar, and everything involving being active.

0777E852-F4D5-4828-852E-6A3C5943A4C7 - Osayd Asif Bashir

Osayd Asıf Bashir

Osayd is a freshman from Karachi, Pakistan intending to major in Business Administration. With his outgoing personality and avid passion for design, Osayd aims to explore the effects of technology on business around the world. Apart from working on his startups, Osayd loves going on hikes, taking pictures of the sunset and spending time outdoors with friends.