Dhruv MuralidharPresident

Originally from Metro Detroit, Dhruv is a junior in the Global Management Program, majoring in Business Administration and Political Science. Now in his sixth semester in BRB, he is a passionate public speaker who is interested in geopolitics and its intersection with business. After serving as Editor-in-Chief and Publishing Director, Dhruv is excited to lead BRB as its President for the Spring 2023 semester. In his spare time, he enjoys trying new cuisines and building LEGOs. After graduation, as an advocate for social and economic justice, Dhruv plans on attending law school.

Abby Copeland — Co-Editor-in-Chief

Abby is a sophomore from Indianapolis, Indiana, currently serving as Co-Editor-In-Chief of BRB. She is double majoring in Chinese Language and Political Economy, with a concentration in International Finance and Economic Policy. This is her fourth semester in BRB, and she loves learning about a diverse set of topics through the article editing process. In her free time, she enjoys doing Yoga, getting burritos in San Francisco, and reading about financial markets.

John Wang — Co-Editor-in-Chief

John is a junior from New York City studying Economics and Computer Science, currently serving as BRB’s co-EIC. His academic interests lie in using statistical and computational models to better understand how markets work and to ultimately build optimal trading strategies. As an extension of that, John is also an avid gambler and already has a flight pre-booked to Vegas on his 21st birthday. Outside of his work, John enjoys playing lacrosse, writing Yelp reviews, and watching Game of Thrones.

Jay Sahaym  Publishing Director

Jay is a sophomore from Eastern Washington majoring in Economics and minoring in Digital Humanities and Data Science. He is in his fourth semester in BRB and is currently serving as the Publishing Director. Jay joined BRB in the fall of his freshman year to explore government policy and economics, global development, and behavioral economics. Outside of BRB, he loves to read and enjoys playing and watching soccer, tennis, and basketball.

Erika GalindoMarketing Director

Erika is a junior from San Antonio, Texas, double majoring in Economics and Data Science. She is interested in data analytics, responsible innovation, and journalism. As Marketing Director, Erika works with her committee to manage and grow BRB’s social media presence and outreach. Erika has been a part of the marketing committee for four semesters, and Marketing Director for two. Beyond her academic interests, Erika loves to read, travel, and get involved with her Latine community on campus.

Maximillian HauserInternal Director

Max is a sophomore from Palos Verdes, California planning on studying Business and Data Science. Through his three semesters at BRB, Max has helped integrate members into the club through planning various socials and other activities that focus on building team cohesiveness. In a similar capacity to his role in BRB, Max plans on continuing to work heavily with a combination of people and business through pursuing an eventual career in real estate brokerage. In his free time, Max loves watching and playing sports, as well as finding new food spots in the Bay Area.

Jackson FrankwickFinance Director

Jackson is a sophomore from Palos Verdes, California studying Economics and Computer Science. This is Jackson’s second year in Business Review at Berkeley. Jackson’s professional interests lie in quantitative analysis, asset management, and investment banking, and he is excited to begin recruiting into these career paths. Outside of school, Jackson enjoys playing soccer, poker, and golf as well as spending time with his friends.

tanvir - Tanvir Shahed

Tanvir Shahed — External Director

Tanvir is a sophomore from Kuwait intending to major in Economics and minor in Data Science. He wishes to pursue a career in finance and is deeply passionate about investing and observing trends in financial markets. In BRB, Tanvir wishes to deepen his knowledge about finance and economics, while actively participating in organizing events. In his free time, you can find him watching and playing sports — especially basketball and soccer — or just hanging out with friends.

Caroline Yee  Senior Graphic Designer

Caroline is a sophomore from Syracuse, NY studying Economics and Data Science. She joined BRB last semester and has enjoyed being a part of the graphics team ever since. Outside of BRB, Caroline enjoys reading, painting, and eating and cooking all sorts of food. She loves drawing on her iPad and can’t wait to keep creating fire graphics this semester.

Katherine Stevenson — Senior Advisor

Katherine is a senior in the Global Management Program and is minoring in History. She loves studying international relations and markets, which encouraged her to join BRB. Over her five semesters at BRB, she has been excited to learn new skills and take on new positions, most recently as a Senior Advisor. As a San Diego native, she loves nice, sunny days and can be caught reading outdoors. Otherwise, you’ll find her binging the latest movies and shows.

Bradley Tian — Senior Advisor

Bradley is a sophomore from Sammamish, Washington, intending to major in Computer Science and Business Administration. With an avid passion for investments and decentralized finance, Bradley aims to explore the multifaceted relationships between technological innovations and financial markets through his writing. In his free time, he loves to play the guitar and try out new Japanese restaurants.