Due to the continued effects of the chip shortage, both consumers and companies are taking the burden of supply issues and hiked prices, while silicon chip manufacturers are benefiting greatly. Consumers are forced to pay higher prices for the limited supply of chip-goods available as businesses struggle to maintain similar profit-margins as before the shortages began.Continue Reading

Today, inequity exists in many forms: opportunities, income, and treatment – to name a few. However, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new form of inequity has emerged: vaccine inequity. This article explores the issue of vaccine inequity and one of its root causes, vaccine nationalization – all through the lens of candies. Continue Reading

The film Nomadland reveals very real problems concerning how policymakers and corporations exploit seasonal workers, specifically elderly gig economy employees. Although temporary employment may be attractive for companies such as Amazon, policy that targets a reduction in elderly poverty would help prevent aging Americans from converting to a tumultuous nomadic lifestyle, where they face low salaries and poor treatment.Continue Reading

On October 2, 2020 India and South Africa proposed a temporary waiver on coronavirus vaccine patent rights in a meeting of the World Trade Organization. With over 100 co-signatories (mostly developing countries), the so-called “TRIPS Vaccine Waiver” has raised questions about intellectual property and access ethics during a pandemic.Continue Reading

The Citizens United Ruling fuels income inequality and stagnating wages in America because corporations have more influence in politics than voters. When corporations have more power, they focus on profit maximization and returns to investors, silencing the voices of the people in need of higher wages. To create a positive change for the middle and lower classes of America, the Citizens United Ruling could be removed, but there would need to be more changes to quickly support those facing financial distress. Discover a new rule that could foster an economic system where not only the elite enjoy the prosperity of America’s large, growing economy. Continue Reading